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Make your next Warsaw trip meaningful. Grab the Jewish Warsaw Travel Guide and see the 20+ well known and secret places of triumph and despair. This PDF travel guide was written by Hanna Dzielińska, one of the most experiences Warsaw tour guides.

Jewish Warsaw Travel Guide

6 features to make your Warsaw stay remarkable

16 Jewish spots to uncover

This travel guide will take you to 16 well and lesser known Jewish places in Warsaw. These places remember the history of Warsaw Jews and their struggles.

35 pages of original commentary

Crucial component of the ebook is the additional commentary that explains the story of Warsaw Jews.

14 high quality maps

Explore as much as you want, but always feel in control of your trip. Know where you are, which landmarks are around you and where you can go next.

6 fun games and lots of trivia

Don't rush through the trip. Take frequent stops and when you do it, play with some quizzes and games related to the history of Warsaw

30 worth-noting nearby places

This guide doesn't leave you dumbfounded when it comes to choosing places to eat or chill out. Enjoy Hanna's recommendations of places to eat and drink along your tour.

Easy to use, portable format

Depending on your preferences, you can use this guide on your digital device, with print, or on a tablet. There's not much you have to do before you venture out to explore Jewish Warsaw!

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Jewish Warsaw Travel Guide: One of the kind!

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What to expect?

A quick note on the background

Poland was a multiethnic and diverse country up until World War II. The large number of foreigners and their children living within its territory was a result of a policy of openness pursued by the Polish authorities.

What was the reason for this? The main one was that the Poles themselves were foreigners – since the 16th century the kings in Poland had been chosen by election. The nobility elected the monarch – either from within their own ranks or from selected foreign princes.

Poland also had the largest Jewish community in Europe. In Warsaw itself 1/3 of the populatioon (more than 350 thousand) were of Jewish origin. Some of these were assimilated and some not.

This guide will take you in the footsteps of the Jewish minority in Warsaw, via synagogues, prayer houses and cultural centres (also post war). Listen also to the tales of the places where the Jewish inhabitants of Warsaw


How to use this travel guide?


Why travel guide?

The way this travel guide was created will help you follow a structured trip plan, while not having the burden of the large tourist group and stay independent.


How much time is needed to see all Jewish places in Warsaw?

As long as you want it to take! You can finish it in half-day if you want, or you can divide the entire tour to two days and go slower.


Can I use this guide on a mobile device?

Absolutely! That's actually the best way to use this guide, as you're saving the environment.


Does this guide contain opening hours and sightseeing pricing?


Explore Warsaw on your own

See all the Jewish spots independently. With an expert commentary.


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About Author

Meet Hanna Dzielińska, the author

Hanna Dzielińska

I'm a journalist who left her work at a TV station to become a guide, or in other words an ambassador for the city.

I have shown Warsaw to amongst others a Japanese Princess, foreign secret service functionaries and a man whose life became the canvas for the French film hit “Untouchables”. I show Warsaw to those who will only be here once as well as its own inhabitants, in English, Italian, French and Polish. I also write books about Warsaw, am the co-author of documentary films as well as the publisher of a series of city children’s games, the presenter of a radio show and the author of articles for several press titles. You want to have an unforgettable time in Warsaw? Please get in touch!

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20 places, some well-known and popular, some secret. All waiting to be discovered.

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